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Application Modernisation

At Proechoes Technology, we offer application modernisation services that enable businesses to transition smoothly and efficiently from legacy to modern application architecture with minimal disruption. Our experts have extensive experience in modernizing applications using microservices, APIs, containerization, DevOps, and other modern technologies.


Our microservices modernization services involve breaking down monolithic applications into smaller, more manageable services that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. We use best practices in microservices architecture and design to ensure that our clients' applications are highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and easy to maintain.


We use API modernization techniques to help our clients expose their application functionality to other applications and services in a secure, scalable, and flexible way. Our API experts have experience in designing, developing, and managing APIs using industry-standard tools such as Swagger, Postman, and Apigee.


To make application deployment more efficient and scalable, we use containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to package applications and their dependencies into portable and lightweight containers. Our containerization experts have experience in designing and deploying containerized applications in cloud and hybrid environments.


We follow DevOps principles and practices to modernize application development and deployment processes. Our DevOps experts work closely with our clients' development teams to streamline the application delivery pipeline, automate testing and deployment, and improve collaboration and communication.

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